Super Bowl XXXIX




New England Patriots vs. Philadelphia Eagles


                                               Quarter       1     2     3    4    Final

                                               Patriots       0     7     7   10    24

                                               Eagles        0      7    7     7    21




       Well, it is now official.  Bill Belichick and company are now officially a dynasty!  You know, I could get very used to this kind of thing each year!  Although the Patriots did win their third Super Bowl title in four years, it did come with some sad news.  Romeo Crennel has accepted the head coaching job in Cleveland and will head the Browns next season.  Charlie Weis has also accepted a new job as the Notre Dame head coach and will be their next season.  Keith Traylor and Roman Phifer have been contemplating retirement.  But the most important person (in my opinion) is staying, of course itís Bill Belichick!  If I were Robert Kraft, I would extend his contract through the year 7000!  What a game yesterday!  I was predicting a 42-10 Patriots blowout, but as we all know the Patriots like to keep us on the edges of our seats!  Donavan McNabb had a very good game with three touchdown passes and racking up 357 yards; he did however throw three interceptions.  T. O. also had a very good game getting 9 receptions for 122 yards.  He didnít look like his ankle bothered him, did he?  Bryan Westbrook had a lousy day as the Patriots held him to only 44 yards rushing.  On the flip side, Corey Dillon in his first ever Super Bowl appearance rushed for 75 yards on only 18 attempts and caught another 31 yards off of three receptions.  Tom Brady was his usual mistake free best racking up 236 yards and a pair of touchdown passes and throwing no interceptions.  He did however have the football stripped from him on the Philly 12 yard line.  Rodney Harrison had a pair of interceptions and Tedy Brushci had one as well.  Deion Branch had a Super Bowl record 11 receptions and 133 yards earning him Super Bowl XXXIX MVP honors!  The Patriots are now (34-4) in the last two seasons including the playoffs!  How cool is that!?  How can you not love Bill Belichick and Co.!  Ok letís get to the game highlights.  Kick off temperature was 55 degrees, and the wind was blowing from left to right.  Philadelphia won the coin toss and Adam Vinatirei kicked off to start Super Bowl XXXIX.  On a third down play, the Patriots Blitzed McNabb resulting in a sack by Tedy Brushci.  Now the sack knocked the ball loose and was recovered by the Patriots but the Eagles challenged and won retaining possession of the ball.  The Eagles were three and out on their first two possessions.  McNabb was also sacked again by the combination of Mike Vrabel and Willie McGuinnest.  Assante Samuel intercepted Donavan McNabb later in the first quarter, but was wiped out by a holding penalty by Roman Phifer.  Rodney Harrison saved the Patriots as he intercepted McNabb at the New England three yard line ending a successful drive by the Eagles!  The Patriots were forced to punt after a three and out.  Eugene Wilson recovered a fumble by L. J. Smith, but as a result of the play, Wilson broke his arm and was out for the remainder of the game.  The first quarter would end a scoreless tie.  Early in the second quarter it was a Reese sack on Brady killing a drive.  The Eagles would score first on a L. J. Smith touchdown from McNabb.  The extra point from Akers would make the score (7-0) Eagles.  David Givens appeared to fumble the ball, but after a successful New England Challenge retained possession.  Corey Dillon had a 27 yard run setting up a first and goal but Brady was unable to hold the ball and had it stripped away from him at the Philly twelve yard line.  Towards the end of the second quarter Tom Brady Connected to David Givens on a touch down pass into the corner of the end zone.  Vinatieriís extra point tied the score (7-7) heading into halt time!  The Half Time show was pretty impressive; Paul McCartney sang a few Beatles tunes and ended on Hey Jude.  Spectacular effects!  That was a huge stage with plenty of lights and pyrotechnics and the stage crew had it up and gone in about 18 minutes!  Any way, back to the game.  The Patriots got the ball first in the second half.  It was Mike Vrabel capping off a 69 yard drive as he caught a pass from Tom Brady from two yards out.  Vinatieriís extra point would make the score now (14-7) Patriots!  Donavan McNabb was again sacked by Willie McGuinnest, this time with help by Jarvis Green seemingly giving New England the Momentum.  But it was McNabb who hooked up with Westbrook for a 10 yard touchdown pass tying the score (14-14) as the end of the third quarter came.  Early in the fourth quarter it was Corey Dillon capping of a 66 yard drive with a two yard dive into the end zone giving the Patriots the lead (21-14).  Adam Vinatieri would later increase the lead by two scores as he connected on a 22 yard field goal making the score (24-14) Patriots.  And when Tedy Bruschi intercepted McNabb at the 28 yard line it seemed that the Patriots had all the momentum they would need.  But it was McNabbís 30 yard touch down pass to Greg Lewis that kept things interesting making the score (24-21) Patriots.  The Eagles tried an on side kick that was recovered by Christian Fauria giving the Patriots back the ball looking to ice the game.  But after an unsuccessful three and out, they had to kick the ball back to the Eagles.  And finally with 14 seconds left on the clock Donavan McNabbís season came to an end when he threw the ball right into Rodney Harrisonís hands giving the Patriots the ball.  The Patriots took a knee and won Super Bowl XXXIX!  The Patriots won the turn over battle, and isnít that what Bill Belichick is always saying?  ďIf we win the battle of turnovers, we have a better shot at winning the game.Ē  The Patriots won the turn over battle 4 to 1 over the Eagles.  Man, I love this team.



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